Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hitchens on the drip feed

Yes , reactionaries ( "contrarian" if you want to pussyfoot) like Hitchens don't like the truth - the reminder that their ticket to ride ( being noticed and read) is not authorship, but the use of someone else's ideas as their bouncing off point ..Paradox there somewhere? - hitches a ride. Hitch 22

It seems to me that the moral justification for being contrary is that " nothing is certain ", but such an argument doesn't cut very deep( and goes to the heart of much modern confusion ?).
As he said on FTBookclub last night, he was reasonably certain that nothing is certain , and that fact ( der?) presumably that made him feel like he no longer needed to change his opinion and focus on that subject.
This old greek circular stuff may keep some brains ticking over , but it gives me, as a scientist who needs to come to a conclusion each hour, an unproductive headache -especially with concepts and big picture stuff . Give me a Hebrew starting point to the day anyday) http://thinkhebrew/.blogspot.com
Is there much to learn from his book ? Hitch-22 His interview on ABC with Jennifer Byrne nearly sent me to sleep.