Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The real limits of Libertarian Fundamentalism

Real leaders can say No. Politicians need to say No, occassionally - for their very survival.
Father Christmas Kevin, is after all, a bit of fiction that can't last.
Even more important, Political parties who want to be real and keep impacting in the places from which they are paid , need to a rationale de politica to say no.

Labor libertarians just can't say no - neither in practice , nor in theory .
Libertarian Fundamentalism leads directly to woosiness - time Labor made that connection so they have some hope of exorcising it from the kindergarten games of politik celestia a that will lose them office .
After all, sometimes politics demands real protection - real protection for children. Protection for those who have no voice from those who want what they want.
Real leaders need to say no on behalf of children of the future - the no-name children . Those who identity is not ONE name ( the unity in diversity that is the right of every child growing up in a family) --but a nothing name. see the particular issue of giving adults rights over children in Victoria here